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The KPMG International Case Competition is an annual contest designed for team of four students who will analyse and propose creative solutions for an unique business case. The winning teams of Vietnam & Cambodia will be sponsored by KPMG to compete with other countries in KICC International 2018 in Malaysia from 9-12 April 2018.

KPMG International Case Competition 2018 will give you the chance to experience the fast-paced world of casework, receive valuable feedback and insight from KPMG leadership and gain in-depth insight into our organization. During the KPMG International Case Competition (KICC), you’ll see what’s possible and how far can you go beyond your potential. Let’s learn how to be part of the #KICC2018. We trust that you and your teammates will be the Dream Team to join KICC final at Malaysia in 2018. 
Get Ready. Go To Malaysia.

Maximize your potential and compete with the brightest minds

Discover the fast paced world of casework and test your ability to develop innovative, real-world business solutions through this challenging and exciting learning experience. You will compete with talented students from around the world, gaining valuable insight into what it’s like to work with clients. And once you progress to the top of your national case competition, you’ll find yourself on an all-expenses-paid trip to the international final.

Explore your capabilities

During this four-day event, you and the rest of your team will be presented with a series of complex business challenges to solve. This is a platform to showcase agile thinking and prove that you’re ready to embark on a successful career. The KPMG International Case Competition exemplifies the way our people go above and beyond to address the diverse issues member firms’ clients face every day.


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